If you would have told us 5 years ago that we would be in the 10-second range on a stock motor GTI…we would have died laughing. But the joke would have been on us. In partnership with APR, USP Motorsports has been able to push this MK7 platform through the roof.

Tyler Aul, an active-duty member of the Army, has been a long-time customer of USP Motorsports. His passion emits daily through not only his car, but all around attitude. He lives and breathes going fast. Tyler came to USP with a simple goal…to be the first 10-second MK7 GTI in the country. Watch us as we did just that…He was actually the first person to break the stock turbo record in the MK7 GTI.

Mod List:

APR Stage 3+ Turbo Kit

APR Carbon Fiber Intake

APR Intercooler

APR TCU Tune + Clutch Packs

BFI Stage 2 Mounts

Super Pro Control Arm Bushings

BC Racing Coilovers (Custom)

Wavetrac Differential

Stock Engine Block

Stock Catback

Spare Tire Removed

Back/Passenger Seat Removed

VP MS109

Click Here To View APR Stage III EFR7163 Turbocharger System


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