Mercury will be moving into the sector for group settings, collective projects, long-term associations, and profits. Mercury is indicating a busy week because this planet indicates multi-tasking and communications. You will communicate a lot of about your long-term associations. New long-term projects can come up. You may join new groups as well.

There are chances for projects from domains related to science and technology. There will be some team discussions and you will do a lot of research work for the progress of these projects. Charity deeds can also come up. You will have to talk with diligence, to make use of these opportunities.

Mars will be moving into the sector for partnerships and finances. For the next thirty plus days, your focus and energy will be invested in the partnership and finances. You have to be careful as this is going to be a complex period for finances and partnerships. Regarding finances, you will have to practice cost cutting. You will try to think about a financial aid. This is the time to settle financial disputes like insurances and taxes. There can be concerns related to shared resources and partnerships.


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