Mercury will be moving into the sector for creativity, speculative business, and romance and youth groups. Mercury indicates, communication, speech, and media so, during this transit, you will be communicating a lot about your creative projects. This is a time to work with teams. You will have a lot of group discussions. This should be a happy phase for you; because, this sector is ruled by Venus, which is the ultimate planet for creativity and self-expression. You will try to get new creative projects.

This is a good time for speculative businesses as well. There will be a lot of one to one communications regarding your own ventures. Opportunities for social and entertainment programs are also seen. You may even look for new hobbies. You will try to make these hobbies into a money-making venture too.

Mars will be moving into the sector for money, material possessions, wealth, speech, family and self-worth. You may have to practice some austerities to improve your finances. You will try to get a second job, when you search for such opportunities, you must make sure that the terms and in your favor. Upskilling is also seen. Your speech can become harsh as well.


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