Mercury will be moving into the sector for emotional challenges and healing. For the next few days, you will be more focused on your various challenges. It can be from health, wealth or emotional sector. This is a time to hibernate and you should take a break from all the complex matters. You will make some plans for your future as well.

Mercury will be aspecting the sector for work, colleagues, and health. This aspect will bring more work from various domains like communication, media, and electronics. These projects can be of a short term. You will have to be working hard as there can be brainstorming sessions and team work. You can have health-related concerns. So, take care of that as well.

Mars will be moving into the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. For the next thirty plus days, you will spend more energy in these matters. Foreign travels and long trips can come up. You will try to defend your faith and belief system. Opportunities for writing and publishing also can come up. This is a time for higher studies, but, you should go an extra mile in getting desired results. Projects with foreign interaction are also seen.


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