Mercury will enter the sector for work, colleagues, health, debts, liabilities, and pets. T Mercury may push you to do more projects in communication, technology and electronics domain. Team discussions, short projects, and more communication are of course indicated. You may have serious communications with your colleagues. You will get opportunities to take some disciplinary actions on yourself.

Various kinds of liabilities will get highlighted. You may like to communicate regarding your struggles. This will be a crucial time for those who work with their accounting and analytical sector. This is a very crucial opportunity for those who work for animals, nourishment and health sector. They can be short projects and you will be busy in multi-tasking. There can be minor health issues regarding this busy schedule as well.

Mars will enter the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. You may have serious debates with your siblings and relatives. They may seek your assistance. You have a busy schedule and totally tied up with your communications. This is a good time to do jobs related to communication like sales, media, advertisement or speech. You may try to buy an electronic device. This is a time for studies. You may try to start an own venture. Financial transactions are also seen.


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