While everyone is bound to have a unique month (depending on your sign), two themes will be present in everyone’s September; overindulgence and freedom. We all want to treat ourselves and shirk our responsibilities, but unfortunately, life doesn’t always deal us the hand we want. Do you want to work? Nope, neither do I.

September is offering us a generous month full of positivity, and Venus is lurking through our charts to provide a spicier love life. You know what else is spicy? Pumpkin spice lattes, which have arrived in stores for your fall aesthetic leisure. Here is your monthly lifestyle, relationship, and love horoscope for September, and it should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.


Capricorn: You Will Be Consumed By Tension, But This Is Good News For Your Reputation

Being overcome by a few worries can help you find clarity once the tension has passed. The tense aspect between Saturn and Uranus will lead to a strenuous and nerve-wracking situation, likely related to your career, but hard work will make the circumstances worthwhile. The Full Moon in Pisces suggests a resolution will occur before September is over, and Venus meeting Jupiter in Libra also eludes to your professional life being held to its highest regard.

The month will be topsy-turvy, but it will result in your reputation being lifted to its highest esteem due to your hard work.

Don’t lose faith!

Capricorn Love Horoscope: You Will Be Tested When It Comes To Your Romantic Life

While the twists and turns in your romantic life have been comical lately, they might take a downward spiral this month. Uranus has lingered in your love sector for months now and considering it is the planet of unexpected surprises, it’s been wreaking nonstop havoc.

Any semblance of control you thought you had is fleeting. Whether you’re about to discover the love of your life has been in front of you this entire time, or you decide you want to leave your long-term partner, be prepared for a jolt to the heart. Matters of love don’t come naturally to you, so breathe in and brace yourself for the tests and surprises.


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