There’s a stereotype that all old people drive boring and slow cars. In reality, if you’re born a petrolhead, you’ll die a petrolhead.

A British 75-year-old is the living embodiment of this and drives one of the craziest VW Golf Rs anywhere on earth.

After selling his BMW M135i and looking for an upgrade, he initially lifted power of the Golf R to 450 hp, a more-than-healthy increase over the hot hatch’s standard 306 hp. Despite adding 50 per cent more power, he wasn’t entirely happy and decided to up the ante even further.

To do so, he had the 2.0-liter four-cylinder fitted with a turbocharger sourced from Turbo Technics. The new turbo, working in conjunction with an upgraded intercooler, bespoke fuel pump, Milltek exhaust and RacingLine airbox lifts grunt to an absolutely absurd 600 hp, almost double the standard output.

Impressively, the hot hatch handles its newfound power very well. One particularly key reason for this is the fact that the DSG transmission has been remapped to deal with the power and is able to change gears extremely quickly despite the extra grunt that puts more stress on it.

Making this Golf R all the more desirable is the fact that the exterior remains bog standard, with the new exhaust being the only giveaway that something’s going on under the hood. We can imagine many hot hatch owners getting extremely embarrassed after trying to race this wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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