Gemini, you are thoughtful and accommodating to your inner circle. People turn to you when they are going through a rough patch. While being compassionate is a good trait, be mindful to ensure that you are not slowly becoming an emotional sponge. Be there to listen and give advice to solve their issues. But don’t take on the burden of your friends. Focus on your happiness, because that’s what you can control. You hold the key for a happier relationship, Gemini.
Single Gemini, the highlight for you this weekend is personal growth. A surge of positive energy will surround you and enhance your passion to do the things you enjoy. If you are looking for love, attend classes and meet new people to expand your circle. There is a high chance that someone will take notice of you and would want to go out with you. Take things slow and see where this leads you. Let your heart guide you, Gemini.


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