Jan 7, 2019 – Jan 13, 2019


If you’re very serious about promoting your creative talents, this is a good time to do so. With a very intense line-up in your sector of creativity and self-expression, you might be ready to put everything into launching a product or getting the recognition you deserve.

However, it’s best not to force the pace, particularly around Friday when the sun merges with persistent Pluto. It’s better to plant a seed and let it blossom by itself rather than overfeed it and force it to grow when it isn’t ready. Timing is everything.

There may be another issue to deal with as jubilant Jupiter in a personal zone angles toward compassionate Neptune in your sector of relating. You could be drawn into a relationship because of a desire to help. Will it help you, though? It could turn out to be very expensive in more ways than one, so think this through before you get involved.


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