As we creep ever closer to the 18th of January with our gaming consoles at the ready and Amazon prime accounts refreshed, we have been treated by Sean of to a sneaky peak into the first episode of the new season: “Motown Funk”.


The boys start off in Detroit – the heart of the American motoring industry… well, it was. Sadly as Jeremy, James and Richard drive about in their American muscle cars – the Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the Hennessey Exorcist Camaro – they are met with a sad sight of this run down, dead motoring city.

With the broken fragments of the past mooting industry been hidden by kale-growing companies, the boys feel that a drag race is the first honourable thing that they can do on this V8 engine holy land. After that, they perform a noise test in an old theatre and turn an old abandoned factory into a race track. The end of their Detroit trip is challenging with a battle between good and evil, on a local airstrip… Dum dum dum! Who will win? Will it be kale? I hope not. Kale is evil, right?


Jeremy tests the super-lightweight McLaren Senna around my local racetrack of Donington Park circuit – seeing the Eboladrome is way too dangerous for this supercar, McLaren gave what I only can see as a warning – calling it an “unforgiving design in pursuit of absolute performance”

Beauty isn’t just skin deep, as it seems. Looks like beauty will try and kill you too.

Check out Motoringbox’s video for the first episode, giving you a quick and detailed download of what is to come. Also, check out the website for more on The Grand Tour.


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