Don’t fall in love with them – Capricorn

Capricorn - You want to lecture them Capricorns are ruled by the 10th house of social status, career and the father. Capricorns lie opposite to Cancers on...

Don’t fall in love with them – Sagittarius

Sagittarius - You want to play with them Sagittarius is represented by the archer, and like the symbol of a speeding arrow, they race past...

Don’t fall in love with them – Scorpio

Scorpio - You want to avoid them There's no one more complicated when it comes to intimacy than a Scorpio, the sign associated with the 8th house...

Don’t fall in love with them – Libra

Libra - You want to create a perfectly balanced partnership Libra resides in the 7th house of relationships and partnerships, and Libras are ruled by the...

Don’t fall in love with them – Virgo

Virgo - You want run their errands It may seem terribly unromantic at first glance, but when Virgos fall in love, all they want is...

Don’t fall in love with them – Leo

Leo - You want to spend money on them When a Leo falls in love, they want to sing it from the mountaintops. They don't typically...

Don’t fall in love with them – Cancer

Cancer - You want to literally smother them with love Cancers are ruled by the Moon, a locus of feminine energy, associated with the mother and the...

Don’t fall in love with them – Gemini

Gemini - You aren't bored with them Gemini is a sign ruled by the planet of communication and technology, Mercury. Geminis are the great communicators of...

Don’t fall in love with them – Taurus

Taurus - You want to show them off to everyone you know Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love...

Don’t fall in love with – Aries

Aries - want to fight with them Aries is the youngest sign in the zodiac, and, in many ways, people under this sign act like toddlers when...


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