Gemini Weekly Horoscope – 07-16-2018 to 07-22-2018

Gemini Weekly Horoscope Money management—not exactly a favorite pastime of the mercurial Gem. In an ideal world, you'd be free to buy on impulse, never...

Taurus Weekly Horoscope – 07-16-2018 to 07-22-2018

Taurus Weekly Horoscope Still stubbornly holding on to your solo status? While we understand the value of taking your sweet old time, your languid pace...

Aries Weekly Horoscope – 07-16-2018 to 07-22-2018

Aries Weekly Horoscope You're no stranger to flash fires of feeling, Aries—but when those emotions rise up, how do you process them? With the Sun...

Pisces Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Pisces Weekly Horoscope You're in for an exciting week, Pisces, with a lot of changes on the docket. You are seeing changes happen in all...

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope You've got a lot going on this week, Aquarius, as does every other zodiac sign. It's a week of new beginnings and...

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Romance is high on the docket for you this week, Capricorn, with transits launching some exciting new beginnings for you. You have...

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope There's a lot going on for you this week, Sagittarius, and this is energy that is just starting this week. You are...

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope There are many opportunities for you to shine this week, Scorpio, and in some ways, this is your week. Water Signs are...

Libra Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Libra Weekly Horoscope It could be an emotional week for you, Libra, as there are some heavy transits happening in some pretty significant houses for...

Virgo Weekly Horoscope – July 09 – July 15

Virgo Weekly Horoscope It's an exciting week of endings and beginnings for you, Virgo, as there are many big transits on the docket. You also...


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