Your Week Ahead

A powerful full moon will trigger the sector for your health, colleagues and liabilities. The Full moon always indicates completions and perfections. So, you will have concerns regarding your work sector. Please don’t try to be aggressive with your colleagues. Moon indicates emotions and sensitivity; you may land in some complex mode, which may make you emotional. It can be related with your work or colleagues. Please try to finish your projects within the timeline. Your health also is important during this week. There can be emotional issues and minor health issues. Please don’t try to get into any scandal.

Mercury, the planet of communication and mental activity will move into the 12th house of emotional stress, your physical challenges and spirituality. This house is in a powerful placement because, the Sun and Venus is also moving here. This is a good time for a retrospect. Please try to stay calm and start learning who you are. You will have different expectations regarding your personal life. You should use this time to understand yourself. More than your physical self, your emotional side is highly triggered. This may not be the great time to start any life changing decisions.

You will try to heal your emotional wounds. This is a time to correctly identify your mistakes and correct. Interest for spirituality and charity deeds will come up. You will have a lot of interest for occult sciences. Plans for long distance travels are also seen.


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