Mercury, the planet for communication, technology and media will enter the sector for home and personal life. There will be a communicative environment at home. You will communicate a lot about home. Repairing, renovation and reconstruction plans also can come up. You will try to work from home. Travel plans can also come up. Family functions are also seen.

Mars will be moving into the sector for personal life, ambitions, general health and personality. Mars indicates energy, aggression, and passion. This planet will stay in this sector for more than one month. Throughout these days, you will be very ambitious and action-oriented. Please make sure, you are not crossing the barriers. There can be new beginnings from your personal as well as professional life.

Your relationship sector will be also active. This is not a good time to impose your ideas on others. They will have different ideas. So, chances for arguments do exist. New deals can also come up. Your physical health also matters. You will try to improve your looks too.


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