Mercury will move into its Taurus during this week. This move will trigger the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. You will try to start some new projects with your communication skills. These projects can come from writing, editing, advertisement, media, electronics or sales. You may get distracted, because, there will be a lot of one to one communications from the personal and professional domains.

Short trips and studies also can come up. You will try to bring more productivity to your work. This is a time to meet with siblings or siblings like people. You may work for communities or residential association. There will be a lot of interaction with technology as well.

Mars will move into the most mysterious sector in your chart. This sector primarily deals with your emotional stress. When Mars moves through this sector, you may have emotional concerns. You don’t have to entertain each and everyone who comes to you. Try to stay away from the crowd for some time and do a retrospect. Minor physical issues can also come up. You will try to make new plans for you. This is a time for spiritual and healing activities as well.


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