Aquarius Horoscope

Aug 13, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018 – The focus on your sector of relating continues this week, so you could still be under the influence of last week’s solar eclipse in this zone. And with eloquent Mercury slowing in preparation for turning direct this coming weekend, it might be just as well to wait before you make any important decisions. You might think you know what to do, but waiting a few more days could give you a different perspective.

In addition, competitive Mars moved back into your spiritual sector on August 12. It will remain here until September 11, and this could act as a catalyst to encourage you to come to grips with issues that need to be resolved so you can move forward. Getting the help of a trusted friend, counselor, or life coach could be beneficial in helping you release entrenched emotions.

Finally, an upbeat aspect between expansive Jupiter and ethereal Neptune could see you donating part of your earnings to a good cause.


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