Scorpio Horoscope




December 2018 – Mercury enters Scorpio on December 1. Think more – and think better – about basic matters. Venus enters Scorpio on the second. You know true love when you see and feel it. The sun squares Mars today, too. It’s a risky day to pick a fight.

Money and material concerns look good with the new moon on December 6. Feel rich no matter your situation and you stand to attract more wealth. Keep expectations modest. Mercury goes direct today, too. Be patient with yourself.

The Mars-Neptune conjunction on the seventh gives you extra power to turn around a sour mood. The full moon on December 22 lights up your life and opens your eyes to more of the everyday miracles that surround you. Feel fundamentally more responsible and determined to take care of business. This won’t blind you to what great things are possible now.

Mars enters Aries on the thirty-first. Have a glorious new year!

Standout days: 2, 14, 31
Challenging days: 21, 28


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