Capricorn Horoscope



Dec 3, 2018 – Dec 9, 2018 – You could feel like retiring from the world and keeping yourself to yourself, but you might be dragged into an issue that has nothing much to do with you. A detached perspective would be very helpful here, enabling you to understand the truth of the matter. Still, this could rumble on for some time, so patience may be necessary.

Despite this, Thursday’s new moon in a secluded sector of your chart could inspire you to adopt a practice that helps you stay calm in everyday life. Meditation or some other discipline might help you feel more at peace. Inquisitive Mercury turns direct on that same day, and so relationships may gradually improve and frustrations begin to ease. This could make a big difference to the coming weeks and your enjoyment of the holiday season.

Finally, the weekend could be a very creative time, especially if you enjoy writing. Avoid making any agreements unless you’ve researched the fine print thoroughly.


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