Feb 4, 2019 – Feb 10, 2019


This is very much a time to enjoy being in the spotlight and promote yourself and your ideas in any way you can. Don’t hide your light under a barrel. Enjoy sharing your special talents and abilities.

Indeed, the new moon in your career zone on Monday could inspire you to take things even further. Considering a new job? Brush up your resume and send out those applications because this can be an ideal time to find something more suitable. Do you want to enhance your business? This is your chance to do so. You could get support from people in positions of trust and power, too, so if you need any recommendations, these are the ones to ask.

Other notable features this week are events that could happen out of the blue, especially over the weekend as chatty Mercury links with electric Uranus. A coincidence might see you talking to someone who has just the information you need. As of Sunday, your social life could have extra sparkle, too.


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