Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone has an idea of what their dream relationship looks like. It’s the ideal scenario of what a perfect love life would imitate. However, as much as people might find themselves lusting over this dream romance, it’s often totally unrealistic.

That’s because there is a major difference between what people want, and what they actually need. While they might want a movie-like romance that fills their stomachs with butterflies, it’s probably not what’s actually best for them. They often find themselves dreaming of a superficial romance where they’re the center of attention when that’s just not realistic.

Instead, a person needs a genuine lover willing to offer their whole hearts to their partner, as long as that person meets them halfway. Everyone needs something a little more realistic than the picture that they paint in their heads. Each astro sign constantly desires that one thing when it comes to a relationship, even though they’re so off on what they actually need.

Stop pining over those wants, and start finding what the things a lonely lover actually needs!


Taurus Wants: Endless Fun

A Taurus is willing to do whatever it takes to live their best life. There is absolutely nothing in the way in between you having fun and living your life.

While everyone around you might be complaining over their love lives, you’re constantly working to make yours as fun as possible. 

You’re known for always knowing how to have a good time, even when you’re in a relationship. You expect your lover to have the exact same desire as you to seek more out of life. There is nothing that you want more than to be head over heels for someone willing to make any situation into a good time!

Taurus Needs: Communication

While endless fun might be what you’re seeking, communication is what you actually need. There is no point in constantly trying to have a good time with your lover when you’re unable to fully communicate with them. Rather, you’re constantly going to be looking to have a good time with your boo since there is such a grand disconnect between you two.

It’s time to stop pretending that having endless fun is the key to making your relationship work, and instead realize that it’s open communication with your partner. Don’t waste your energy seeking something that won’t truly make your happy. Instead, be open with your partner and discuss how you actually feel.



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