The week ahead for Libra

You will find a lot of focus on your work. There will be some projects with communication skills. Mercury, the planet for communication will bring some opportunities from the same sector. Most of these projects can be short ones. You will be always communicating about projects. Relationship with colleagues also will be very important. There are chances to get new projects or a new job. You will have to take care of your health as whenever any planet moves through this sector, then there will be some challenges regarding your health. This is also time for a new diet. You may have to take part in some competitive events as well.


Mars will start activating the matters like finances and partnerships. You will try to get more partnership projects. New projects with joint assets are also seen. Whenever Mars transits this sector, you will have to be careful with your partners. Mars is aggressive energy and you should try to control your emotions. This sector also indicates emotional vibes, they will be in a high note. That may not go well with your partners. Most of the conversations can be regarding your finances. You should control your expenses. This is also a time to lend and borrow. Some financial adjustments are also seen.


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