The week ahead for Sagittarius

Your family sector will be very much highlighted during this week when Mercury enters this sector. Mercury indicates speech and media and there will be a lot of communication regarding your family matters. It can be a real estate deal or some repairing work at home. There will be some changes at home. You may try to work from home as well. Family meetings and discussion regarding ancestral property will be another feature of this phase. Your family may have some serious matter to tell you. This is not an easy time for your family matters, so you have to be careful. There is nothing wrong in communication, but you should not overdo it.


Mars will be entering the sector for work, health, and colleagues. Since Mars is a fighter, you will have some issues at work. You will have to give a lot of energy at work. There will be some changes in the existing projects. These projects may be little complicated. You will feel that your workplace has become very competitive and there are chances for arguments with your colleagues. This is also a time to get a new project or a new job. Physical health also will be very important. You have to take care of that as it will be very sensitive.


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