The week ahead for Scorpio

Mercury, the planet for networking and gatherings will enter the sector for creative projects and romance. This is a time for networking and especially for your own ventures. You will try to get new contracts and necessary changes to bring perfection for your work. New creative ventures also can come up. These opportunities can be mostly available for those who work with industry related to media, arts, and politics. Children and young people also will need more focus. You will try to communicate more with likeminded people. This is a time for team ventures and social gatherings. Entertainment programs are also seen. Romance and love also will be an important matter during these days.



Mars will enter the most sensuous and social sector of your chart. This sector deals with personal and professional relationships. Mars is a powerful and fiery planet and that will add more spice to your personal relationship. If your Mars in the birth chart is finely placed, then you can expect good changes during this time. New relationships can come, and you will try to strengthen your relationships. It can be either from personal or professional relationships. New contracts and deals are also seen. At the same time, your opponents are also active. You will be more interested in socialization, according to the placement of Mars.


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