Michael Emsenhuber races this screaming version of the popular
Volkswagen FWD Coupé from the 80´s and 90´s. With a 2.0 engine capable
of 270Hp/8.500Rpm and weighing only 810Kg this little Monster has
enjoyed a great start of the 2019 Season, being one of the fastest
E1-2000 Class cars in pretty much every event it entered and even being
able to attain some Top 10 spots overall among Touring Cars.

thing about this Monster is how much of a product of two worlds it is.
The Corrado, although blessed with a great chassis, never had many
Racing variations of it, but on the other hand, it had ( and still has )
an impressive following among Car Tuning afficionados. And it shows on
Mr. Emsenhuber´s ride, with its widebody kit, Schmidt Modern Line rims
and front bumper and side skirt add-ons. But other than that, it is a
Race Car to the core and a very fast one at that.