The week ahead for Aquarius

The full moon will rise in the sector for career and bosses. The full moon indicates completions. Full moons are all about displaying emotional nature. You may have important events at work. Bosses and elders will be active with you. You may complete some projects at work.

There will be a lot of focus on you for various reasons. This moon will impact your family life as well. At home, you will have some serious discussions. Real estate deals and plans for relocation can come up. Family meetings are discussions regarding ancestral property can come up.

Mars will enter the sector for Work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets. Your health will also gain attention. You will try to look for a new health regime or a diet. There can be serious conversations with your colleagues.

You may get an opportunity to meet people from your past. This is a good time to analyze your expectation from your work. There can be new plans about your financial responsibilities. There are chances for arguments with colleagues. Mars will aspect the sector for emotional issues as well. You will make some plans for your future.


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