Aries Monthly Overview November 2018



You may be able to count on the support of new colleagues and partners more than you can from older friends. It is important to remember to give and take in equal amount right now as you may tend to get carried away with yourself and forget obligations and paying back of favours. Be considerate and mutually supportive, and you can go far further.

If you laid firm foundations last month in practical and financial terms, then this month is a very good one for long-term goals, especially those to do with education, training or work abroad.

Discrimination and some cynicism is needed this month, as when you get into the swing of things, you can throw caution to the wind, and you may make some unwise decisions that can hamper your progress or damage good relations with others.

Be open to advice and do not alienate others by being belligerent or highhanded as you have a hard-headed approach and can come on too strongly.

Do be careful that benefactors who are generous to you right now will not want their pound of flesh later on. Think twice before someone does you a favour, and ask yourself if it will be worth it to you in the long run.


Aries November 2018 Love Horoscope



This is an excellent time for marriage or renewing the vows and an exciting phase for relationships in general. If you have been in a rut, this is the time to resuscitate the love bug and try new things to renew the relationship.

It is the time to be very honest in your relationships; you also need to be a good listener and do your best to understand your partner’s point of view.

You should make a renewed effort to break the mould in terms of negative cycles that you seem to be stuck in – change the record, start a new routine and make changes now to ensure that problems that come up often are addressed in a practical and also a compassionate way. This is a compromising time when you are more likely to meet others halfway.

Intimate relationships right now can do much to enhance self-esteem and improve your self-worth. Female Arians may splash out on beauty products and clothes to change their image or attract attention – there is for both sexes a greater emphasis on personal appearance and also on charming the object of your affection.

The friendship side of all relationships is enhanced right now, and you can enjoy doing things together, especially sports and social activities.

November is both a romantic and also a sincere and loyal time in relationships – familiarity will breed contempt, and there is a focus on core values in relationships.


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