Aries April 2019

There is a balance to be struck between your needs and those of others. In some cases, you may feel that although someone has paid you a good turn or done you a favour, what they expect in return is somewhat disproportionate.

Someone may be thinking they are doing you such a big favour when in fact, you could do without their input. You certainly need to sort the wheat from the chaff regarding your contacts with others; who is making a contribution to your overall well-being and who is just a time waster – right now, you need to distance yourself from the people who are taking up more of your time than they merit.

Advice this month is both useful and useless; indeed, some advice you receive may add to worries and fears unnecessarily – you should trust yourself more and have more confidence in your ability to not only make the right choice but to make the choice you make work for you.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on the 10th and remains so for the rest of the month, which means that you should make any financial decisions before the 10th and then hold back on any more decisions regarding money. After the 10th is also not the best time for negotiating payment terms with others or transferring money as things tend to go wrong. In all matters regarding bills, payments, cheques, etc., allow extra time for things to clear and ensure you have cash at the ready to deal with unexpected costs or to bridge a gap while payments come through. Do not over-commit yourself financially this month as with Mercury retrograde, financial matters often become unpredictable or subject to change and delay, meaning you can be caught out.

This month, nagging doubts and worries can both drain energy and also undermine your confidence – you are inclined to question yourself and doubt your abilities. The best way to deal with this, is to keep your own counsel and learn to quieten the voices inside by sticking with things that work for you. The key is not allowing doubts to force you to make constant changes – rather stick to one course and persist despite setbacks.