Aries Weekly Horoscope

If the past month has felt very “wax on, wax off,” get ready for the winds of change to blow in! Wrap up any lingering deadlines and attend to those dull-yet-essential routines—on Monday, if possible! That’s the day that the Sun and mental Mercury conclude their annual tour of pragmatic Taurus. Then, on Tuesday, May 21, both planets make their move into Gemini. With the confident Sun and chatty Mercury heating up your third house of communication and kindred spirits (until June 21 and June 4, respectively), you’ll be in full-on social-butterfly mode. The best part of this engaging cycle is that you won’t have to venture too far from home to find fun playmates since the third house rules the local scene. For once, make a point of reading the flyers and scanning those stacks of postcards at the register of your favorite boutique. A treasure trove of opportunities awaits, practically in your own backyard. And if you don’t find anything quite to your liking, get the party started. Don’t just walk into local shops and “do your business.” Stop and actually strike up a conversation with people who give off “there’s synergy here” vibes. You might even wind up collaborating with a local business owner to host a monthly event. You’ll have the gift of gab between now and June 21, so use it to start a buzz on your own behalf. Promote your latest offerings via social media or spread the word about someone else’s project or cause that’s close to your heart. Got an idea for a blog, mobile app or screenplay? Flex those typing fingers, Aries. Gemini season is perfect for getting words and ideas out of your head and into production!