The week ahead for Aries

  • Mercury will move into the sector for personal life, health, and ambitions. This planet indicates communications, so there will be a lot of communication regarding your personal life. It can be about personal or professional life. This is a time for new beginnings. New projects may come up. New people and new deals are also seen. Minor physical issues are also seen. There will be a lot of work and that may bring some work-related stress as well.
  • Mars is moving through the sector for communication, siblings, and media. This is a time for multitasking. You may have to take up a proper plan for your work. Projects from communications related sector. So, there can be work-related stress as well. You should stay away from arguments. Siblings and relatives may come to visit with you. Minor physical issues are also seen. Unexpected travels can also come up.
  • The full moon will bring some perfections in the relationships. You may have to be very practical while dealing with relationships. Your spouse or partners may have different views. At work also some completions can come up.


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