The new moon will arise during this month and that will bring new beginnings. They can be majorly related to finances, yet they will be very complex. When multiple planets are activating your finances there will be unhappiness or confusion attached with it.

Don’t get into an instant money-making plans. Your emotional relations also will need some care. They are also moving through a sensitive phase. This is a good time to learn mysterious subjects. You will be interested in astrology, tarot, or healing practices.

Mercury was in a slow down mode for the last few days and it will turn direct during this month it will turn direct. This will trigger the sector for personal life, and it will aspect the sector for professional relationships and open enemies. The relations which were going through some challenges will start moving in a forward direction.

This is a good time to carry forward the discussions so that you can have productive relationships. New people may come into your life. During this month, you will be discussing new job opportunities and that will be taken very carefully. You will try to improve your health and beauty as well. This transformative phase will help you to be a mature person.