Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope July 2018

Sex drive is intensified, and you will desire a greater amount of sex and also more satisfying sex. Relationships will go far more smoothly this month, and it will be easier to combine needs and find enough time for quality togetherness. It will be more about the intimate side and less about communication this month. Actions speak much louder than words in love in July.

You are affectionate, and yet there is just a tad of selfishness in your actions as you will only give as much as it takes to get what you want and no more.

There is an element of self-protection in love relationships this month – even if your desires or feelings of attraction are very strong in a new relationship, you may play it cool and act aloof. Single Cancerians may well play games in love – these games are motivated out of a desire not to repeat old mistakes rather than a desire to play a game for a game’s sake. You do have to treat every new relationship on its merits as you cannot carry bad memories from the past relationship into a new one and expect a different outcome. You may also see what you want to see in relationships rather than what is there – take note of how much you look at new relationships through the screen of your old experiences. If you start a new relationship, start with a new mindset.

Cancer Monthly Life Horoscope July 2018

You are very restless this month and are eager to make some sweeping changes or set goals for the next year of your life. You have a strong impetus for more excitement and greater variety; you also want to re-create your life so that there are more flexibility and power for you. This birthday month you will be hit by the feeling that you cannot let things pass you by, and you are more urgent about doing those things that fulfil you no matter how big or small.

You will act impulsively and with little regard for the opinions of others – what is great about now is that you are not in one of those restrained moods where you feel bound by society, convention or ‘what they say’.

This is a month where you can tackle adversity with great courage and determination. It is a time to confront your fears head-on. It is also a time when you can take on competitors or enemies with more confidence and resolve to get the better of them. You have a great deal of inner control and emotional intensity, which can help you to come across as stern and intimidating, even if you do not feel it inside. Much of what happens this month is more about approach than substance – how you say it, not what you say, tends to matter. Last month was a little about avoidance; this month is about uncompromising action to defend yourself, your principles or your assets. It is a month when you can very effectively fight your corner and get a result.

The first paragraph was about change, and the last is about resolving things that you do not want to carry forward into your new year, no matter how challenging.

Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope July 2018

Changes in career are quite possible right now, and new opportunities may arise i.e. finance, personnel or IT. The changes in your career right now can provide you with greater freedom and more of an opportunity to use your own ideas. You may change the way you work, i.e. go from being a staff nurse to an agency nurse, a teacher to a supply teacher, employed by one firm to freelance – these can give you greater flexibility that you crave and can also rejuvenate you in terms of your career.

Whatever your skill, you may find a new job in an industry that is fast-paced and cutting edge in terms of technology. You will have to modernise as new developments in your field will make it possible to do certain aspects of your work faster, e.g. automation in some aspect of your industry may mean you can now devote more time to other functions. New products may make hairdressing (for example) dyes and perms set faster, meaning you can see more clients. The idea is that technology will make everything in your job faster, and that means adaptation and adjustments are needed to make the most of it.

This is an excellent time for public relations work in your business and professional life – you can get ahead of the competition by virtue of your ability to give the public what they want when they want it – you are excellent at zoning in on areas of demand that are untapped. You can take a pro-active role in negotiations and contractual work, this favours the expediting of all legal work.