Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Before you head off to the isolation booth, make one last push to get all the people and moving parts in place on Team Cancer. With the Sun wrapping up its 2019 tour of Taurus and your teamwork and technology zone on Monday, you’ve got one more day to deliver that motivational pep talk and get everyone on the same page. On Tuesday, May 21, the Sun makes its annual dip into Gemini and your twelfth house of rest, introspection and healing for the next four weeks. This is the final phase of your astrological year: El Sol will blast into Cancer for a month on June 21, and before it does, you’ll benefit from clearing away the old so you can start your personal new year with a clean, blank slate. This year, messenger Mercury will follow the Sun into Gemini, sticking around until June 4. While this is a great cycle for slowing down and carving out time for personal projects, especially of an emotional or imaginative nature, some Crabs will throw themselves into a major decluttering mission. Take all those unworn (or barely worn) impulse buys to the Goodwill or a designer consignment shop. Gift the more valuable pieces to friends who will appreciate (and actually wear) them. While you’re so internally focused, reflect on whether you might have inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings or not paid them enough attention. Before the Sun blazes into your sign next month, find an appropriate way to make amends. And if someone slighted YOU, you can reach out and see if they’re ready to do the same. Not happening? Write a letter expressing your feelings, then do a ritual burning. Keep a notebook or recording app near you always during this transit. The muse will be hovering, and divine downloads could strike at any moment!