Partnerships also will be very important during this month. You must be very careful and don’t take any risk with your partners. In partnership ventures, you have good as well as challenging situations. You will discuss the status of your finances with your partners.

New shared projects can also come up. There will be many chances for new emotional relationships as well. When the new moon rises during this first month of August, you will see yourself as a changed person. There will be a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual transformations during this month.

Mercury was moving in a slow down mode during last month and it will turn direct during this month. This direct move will be clearing the obstacles in the relationships.

There will be a lot of communications with your partners. New romantic relationships are also possible during this month. Job offers are also possible, but you have to be very careful, during your speech. Mercury will make you talk a lot and that should not bring you any issues. New contracts and deals are also a part of this month.