Fri, August 23, 2019 – Sun, August 25, 2019




Travel, studies, or mystical pursuits can be exciting, sexy, and powerful over this weekend. You also have some new creative ideas in your love life that could open your relationship to greater depth. Later, on Sunday, you’ll focus even more on partnerships. You have the words to create real romance, or you can use another form of self-expression to reach out to a collaborator. You can even enjoy wise impressions through entertaining children.

Those in your workplace may be emotional, so if you listen carefully and take care with your words, you can help resume normalcy and calm, getting some kudos from stressed co-workers. You may even have an intuitive sense once you communicate with them. Also be sensitive to pets’ needs. They will command your attention in some way. Speak with a Pet Psychic for help. Take good care of your health by avoiding digestive issues.