Free Weekend Love Horoscope – gemini




Gemini, you will be needing to extend your patience and be more understanding this weekend. It will be hard to comprehend what’s going on exactly, but safe to say, the negative energy passing through could be disrupting your otherwise peaceful weekend. As the full moon rises on September 14th, the overall vibe will start to calm down. The balance of energy will put your relationship at ease. There is nothing to worry about if you know your partner well, Gemini.
Single Gemini, the full moon rising on September 14th may intensify your impulsive nature. If you are seeing someone, it is possible that you might regret an abrupt decision. Dating more than one person can lead to confusion too. Give yourself a deadline and get to know who has the qualities that match your vision. A meaningful relationship is waiting for you. Trust your intuition, you will know when you are ready, Gemini.