Your Week Ahead

The 9th house of higher studies, long travels, international relations, spirituality, writing, and is very much activated during these days. The Sun is also shining on this house. This is a good time to write or publish your work. You may have a deep desire to know about spirituality. This is a good time to study a new subject or appear for an exam. Long travels are also seen. You will get opportunities to interact with people from far off places. The 9th house is all about expanding your horizons.

Venus will move into the 10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. You may get new opportunities at work. Venus rules creativity, unity in relationships and freshness. You will get opportunities for creativity related domains. Support from the bosses and colleagues are seen. Venus will bring unity in the relationships. Projects related to creativity are seen. There can be a new business or job opportunity. Your bosses may give you new inputs. You may get new projects at work or you may get changes in the existing work environment. It can even be a new job as well.

Mars is moving through the 7th house of spouse, marriage, agreements, contracts, and open enemies will be important this week. This house deals with personal and professional relationships. You will see new beginnings in the existing relationships. This is a good time to improve the existing relationships. New agreements and contracts can also come up. The relationship with partners will be prominent. This may be the time for negotiations. Please try to be flexible.