The new moon always indicates new beginnings. During this month, you will try to get new opportunities from the professional sector as well. When you try to get a new business opportunity, you should be very clear with all the terms and conditions. Since multiple planets are influencing these matters, you will have to be very careful with your partner’s track as well. This is also a big-time for love affairs as well.

Mercury was moving in a slow mode until the last month and ruing this month, it will turn direct. This direct mode will clean up your worries and woes. Still, there will be some challenges regarding your happiness as well as health. You should stay away from all the complex matters.

Otherwise, the emotional issues will again get triggered. It would be ideal to spend time in prayer and spiritual practices. Don’t react during intense situations. People may come to you will their demands, but don’t take up any risky matters. At work, you will have multiple projects. Most of them can be from writing, sales, logistics, and media related.

This is the time to work in competitive projects as well. You will be looking for new opportunities at work. During this month, you will be working hard and interactions with colleagues also can be better than the last month.