Leo Weekly Horoscope

Don’t stop hustling yet, Leo! The Sun gets one last day to flash its high beams in hard-working Taurus and your tenth house of career before shifting into Gemini and your collaborative zone on Tuesday, May 21. You can make huge strides on the professional front if you stay focused on the finish line. Don’t let roadblocks deter you. You know what needs to get done, so keep your eye on that and block out all distractions. If anything isn’t finished by COB Monday, you might be able to turn it into a team effort starting Tuesday, when el Sol rolls in your eleventh house of group activities and technology. Adding even more juice to the mission is quick-witted Mercury, which is riding shotgun with the Sun as they two-step through Gemini. Mercury is only here for two weeks (till June 4), so use your communication skills and powers of persuasion to attract the perfect associates. In your personal life, you may “suffer” from an embarrassment of riches with more invitations coming from more diverse fronts than you could possibly say yes to. Not only will you team up with like-minded innovators on a professional project, but your summertime entourage could come together in the next two weeks. As the reigning monarch of the zodiac, you like to be large and in charge. These new pals might inspire you to relinquish a bit of control and share the glory, but not to worry, Lion: You won’t lose any starpower if you have to share the stage with others. There’s plenty of attention and affection to go around! Since the eleventh house is your tech center, this is a great time to update your online presence or update your website or blog. Single? Download a new dating app. If you’re willing to put real effort into it, you could have a fortuitous swipe!