Your subconscious mind is under the control of the Sun so, there will be some issues regarding happiness and peace. During this week, you will be looking more into your personal life and this is the time to settle issues regarding personal life itself.

There can be issues from your past life and you will be able to solve them during this week. It won’t be an easy sail during this week; still, you will be able to manage your life. Prayer and meditation can be a part of this week as well. This is a week to make some plans for your own life. So, you can be happier and successful. You will be looking into yourself and you will clearly see what you need to change. This is a time to stand alone and minor physical issues can also come up.

The Sun and Venus will aspect your workplace as well. This aspect will be bringing up the chances for creative projects and even chances for new projects. However, the situation regarding work can be a little complicated. Most of the challenges can come from your colleagues as well. You should be very careful with them. Arguments can be a part of this phase. Physical health also will be a concern during this week.

When the planet for communications and media, Mercury, is in a slow down mode, then naturally your communications also can move in a wrong direction. So, during this week, you may have some difficulty in managing your personal life. Don’t take any serious decisions during this week as Mercury also indicates logical analysis. This analytical capacity can be less during Mercury retrogression phase. If it is not urgent, then you can wait for few more days. Try to make a good plan for daily activities.


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