The week ahead for Libra

Venus will enter the sector for family and home. Your family and personal life are getting triggered. That will bring a lot of events in person as well as family life. Family meetings, real estate deals and renovation can come up. You may have more interaction with elderly females. They can be very demanding. Traveling from home and meeting with family members is also seen. At the same time, Venus will aspect the sector for work and bosses. At work, you will be busy with creative projects. Your projects can get a new addition. This is also the time to get appreciation or corrections from the boss.


The new moon will rise in the sector for creativity and speculative ventures. This is a very good opportunity to get a new creative project. The new moon indicates new beginnings. These beginnings can be in romance or creative project. This is a good time to present your skills and get profits from them. You may look for a new hobby. Social gatherings and networking events also can come up. You will try to work in a team venture as well. This is a time to join a new team. Those who work in the arts and entertainment industry will have new goals.