Your Month Ahead

Venus will be entering the sector for finances, your values, and family. This planet indicates freshness and newness. You may take up a new savings plan. This is also a time to save money, because Venus indicates expenses, so you may feel like spending more and that may lead to some financial issues. You should save as much as you can. This is a time to get some luxury objects. At work, you may get a few creative projects as well.

Mercury will start in a slowdown mode and this may impact matters like communication, media, and speech. This will be a complex time for your projects from communication-based sectors. There are chances for rework and you should be careful with it. There will be a lot of work and that may bring some physical issues. You need to make a good plan for these projects. Relationship with siblings also can be very important. There can be some serious conversations and make sure you are not arguing with each other.

Mars is moving through the sector for creativity, romance, and children. You will try to get some creative projects. These projects can be a little complicated. You have to give more time and energy in bringing perfection to your own ventures. Social gatherings and entertainment programs also can come up. You will try to improve your own ventures. There are some complexities connected with your love life, so don’t try to complicate it.