Your Month Ahead

Venus will enter the sector for emotional self and hidden desires. Venus is in full form and that may make you very sensual. It can make you a delicate person as well. Minor physical issues also can come up. You may try to stay away from the crowd and do a retrospect. This is a good time for meditation, yoga, and prayer. Try to read holy texts and make some practical plans for your life.

Mercury will start it’s slow down from the first week onwards and that will bring some more focus in personal life. This slowdown will impact your personal life and health. You may have to take care of both. This is not the right time to start a new project. Even if you start, you must take expert advice. Mercury indicates speech and it may go wrong. So, try to talk less to avoid conflicts.

Mars will keep on triggering matters like communication, media, and speech. You will try to improve your own ventures. This is the right time to invest your energy in these. There will be some opportunities for communication-related projects. New projects from media and communication can come up. You will discuss important matters with siblings and siblings like people. There are chances for arguments as well. Short travels and short courses can come up.


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