Monthly Horoscope Taurus – August 2018

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little lost as August gets underway. The powerful Mars-Uranus square on August 1st highlights your sense of identity and your self-esteem, so you may be feeling inadequate or as if you are unable to live up to your potential. Unfortunately, family’s efforts to support you may backfire as you’re not emotionally equipped to deal with their attempts to jolly you along, especially around August 6th. There may be some resentment in the mix here too, if family matters have previously meant that you missed out in education or career opportunities. However, the partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th falls in your family zone and suggests that healing and forgiveness is on the way.

Once Mercury turns direct in your family zone on August 19th you’ll reach a fresh and positive new understanding, especially with any extended family members who have previously been unfairly critical of you. The magical Jupiter-Neptune trine, also on August 19th, highlights blessings in your personal relationship and your friendship circle – you will feel truly inspired by your loved ones at that point, and they by you. The Grand Trine on August 25th is about finding your path or your calling and following it. With support from your loved ones, you’re about to shift direction into something much more meaningful to you – a job or a volunteer commitment where you can express your values and your identity and where you can truly make a difference in the world. Watch for the first steps around August 27th when Mars turns direct in your philosophy zone – it’s all go from here on.