Monthly Horoscope Aries – August 2018

Keep a calm head over your finances as August gets underway. The Mars-Uranus square on August 1st highlights how a lack of funds is holding you back from some of your dreams – it’s not surprising that you would feel incredibly frustrated over this, but is it really anyone’s fault? Well meaning interventions from friends and family may only make matters worse in your head, especially when the Sun squares Jupiter on August 6th, but try to be gracious about it if you can. The bad feeling may spread into your personal relationship on August 9th when Venus squares up to Saturn – but the good news is that Venus by now is in your house of love, so hold onto what you have together. It’s worth fighting for.

Pressures will start to ease around August 19th when Mercury turns direct. A beautiful trine between Jupiter and Neptune at this time helps you to access your inner determination and focus. Seek insight from your spiritual self too, as messages from spirit and from your subconscious are all around you. There are answers to your problems there, if you simply open your eyes. The Grand Trine on August 25th is about improving your prosperity so that you can achieve your goals.

Again, there’s a spiritual influence here too, from the Pisces Full Moon on August 26th, so think materially but use your psychic gifts and intuition to help you along the way. Once Mars turns direct in your career zone on August 27th, there will be very little holding you back.


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