Leo Horoscope



January 2019 – Welcome to 2019, Leo! You’ve had to rise above your insecurities over the past year, and you’re ready for a new adventure. But first, as you enter January, take stock of your life and release habits, work, routines, or a lifestyle you’ve outgrown.

On January 5, a Capricorn new moon and solar eclipse mark the beginning of an 18-month phase of building the life of your dreams. “Work hard, play hard” seems to be your motto this month. But also prioritize your health – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – without which you have nothing.

On the twentieth, a Leo full moon and eclipse suggest you’re seeing someone or something in a new light. Acknowledge your feelings, but keep your perspective and stay focused on a common goal (and love) you share. As vulnerable as it makes you feel to drop the mask, the real risk would be to pass up a chance to be happy. Dare to be honest, ask for what you need, share the love you feel, and don’t worry so much about what comes back. In the words of Maya Angelou, “Love liberates.”

Standout days: 4, 22, 25
Challenging days: 5, 11, 21