These planets will influence your subconscious mind as well. So, you will be interested in spirituality and healing. Try not to get into any controversies as you are going through a complex stage.

You will be feeling lonely, but this is an ideal time to make a few plans for your future. During this month, you may have some long trips. Hidden activities and secret desires also are possible throughout the month.

Creative projects will be plenty, and you were having a tough time during the last month to make these projects possible. Mercury was in a slow down mode during the last month and it will turn direct during the first month of this month.

This direct mode will be helping you to get progress at work as well. New creative projects can come up. These projects can bring profits as well. So, you should use this time very carefully. Romance and dating are also very much possible during this month. You will have many opportunities to enjoy your life.


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