Pisces Horoscope November 2018



This is one of the significant months of the year regarding many of the themes discussed in the overview. Success, achievement and also sacrifice are those themes. No decision is straightforward as you will have to make many personal sacrifices to get things that are important to you. In fact, the question may very well be, “What is more important to me?” You may have some soul searching to do to decide what matters most and thus what you should do.

It may be that you have the job offer of a lifetime, but this may mean moving far from family or perhaps having to be separated from a spouse for longer periods due to travel that the job involves – which is more important to you, the job and prospects or family? The choice is totally personal, and you should make it without influence.

This year is about knowing yourself inside and out, and the better you know yourself, the easier the decision this month will be. Sacrifices are often part and parcel of doing something worthwhile, but then again, sometimes we have red lines regarding what we will sacrifice. We do not always think about what out ‘red lines’ are, but this month you may have to.

November may mark your breaking it off with someone who was once a mentor or even a father figure in your life. It can even be that you have a period of lessened contact with family members who you feel are controlling or are negative influences.

Just as a butterfly emerges from a pupae, you are emerging into a new phase of life and must shake off that pupae along with anything that holds you back.



Pisces November 2018 Love Horoscope



There is a fine line between being there for your partner and allowing them to dominate your life regarding subordinating your needs to theirs. You should be careful not to fall into the trap of feeling martyred – sometimes, playing the role of a martyr is an indirect way of getting your needs met; however, what would be far better is to acknowledge your needs and fulfil them via asking or just going ahead and doing what you want to do. Do not give your power away, there is this tendency to give way for the sake of a quiet life, but there are limits to the benefits of passivity, and you should be far more proactive in relationships regarding directing them, ensuring balance and communicating your needs.

2018 has been a year when Pisceans were more dominant in relationships and far more assured about expressing themselves sexually and taking the lead in decision-making, but this month, you may fall back into old habits of subjugating your needs and feeling quietly dissatisfied.

New relationships tend to be very successful right now as you are very easy going, fun-loving and up for anything. It is time when your romantic side comes to the fore. One word of warning is that you are in a mode of reflecting what the other person wants you to be rather than what and who you are – this may mean that although the relationship is off to a great start, does the other person really know you at all? Pisces are born actors, and often they play a role; it can be part of a fantasy or indeed a way of selfprotection, but how long is it sustainable, and what happens when reality tests this new relationship?