This is also a time to be adventurous and happy. You will be meeting interesting people during this month and that also can be from foreign lands. You will try to learn new courses and it can help you a lot in building up your career.

Career-related training and coaching also will be part of this month. This is also a great month to explore your literary skills. Publishing your work will be easier during this month. There will be spiritual trips and inclinations as well. At work, you may get multiple projects as well.

Financial matters can be another major matter during this month. Mercury was in a slow down until last month and from this month onwards, it will change into a direct mode.

So, you will be looking more into financial matters. This is a time to settle some of your debts. Settlements in tax, insurance, and PF can also come up. This is a very sensitive time for your finances as well. You will think about new partnerships from in personal and professional life as well.


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