You are, as we mentioned, in a prosperous period these days. The money house is strong and has been for many years now. Your financial planet, Saturn, is in a prominent position in your 1st house. There is great focus here and this tends to success.

The financial planet in your 1st house shows that financial opportunity comes to you. And not just opportunity but money itself. There’s not much you need to do, by the way; it seeks you out. Just go about your normal daily routine. 

There are some challenges, but you have the drive and the focus to overcome them.

One of the challenges is that you seem in a dilemma about career success and finance. Generally they go together, but not always. Should I focus on status and perhaps earn less? Should I focus on money, though perhaps it brings less prestige? It will take some work, but in the end you’ll be able to combine the two urges into something workable for you. Both are important – status and money. There are no rules as to how you will do this. Each person finds their own solution.

By September 10, as Jupiter moves away from his stressful aspect with your financial planet, you become more comfortable with finance. Earnings should become even stronger. You’re enjoying finance more too.

Pluto has been in your money house for many years. Aside from the financial detox going on, it shows that you’re going deeper into the spiritual – supernatural – sources of supply. Now, Sagittarius has a natural, inborn understanding of this. But these days you’re understanding more. The financial intuition is extremely good this year, especially until September 9; you just have to trust it. The Beings of the Spirit world seem very concerned about your financial life and are active on your behalf. They tend to work on the internal levels, through dreams, visions, ideas and sometimes hunches. Sometimes they will work through spiritual types of people such as astrologers, ministers, psychics and spiritual channels. If you feel you need guidance, it will be good to consult with these people.

Sometimes they will work through the animals and insects in your environment. Birds might fly in a particular formation or over a particular place; an animal that you don’t usually see could appear; or you might see animals or birds doing unusual things. These are all messages, once you learn to decode them.

Saturn as your financial planet favours a business or corporate kind of job. Your managerial abilities are important in finance. It favours real estate (commercial) and traditional blue chip companies. If these are involved in travel, higher education or publishing, all the better. Foreign investments are more interesting this year and you will have opportunities there. Foreigners or foreign companies seem important in the financial life.

Favourable financial numbers are 3, 8, 10, 13, 15, 20 and 21.

Career, as we mentioned, is super right now. There is much success and elevation happening. You seem honoured, appreciated and raised in status. You are honoured as much for who you are as for your professional achievements. Personal appearance and overall demeanour play a huge role in your success. You have the aspects that models, athletes and celebrities have. Your body and image are part of the career.


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