Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens, Archer! This Monday, the Sun (and quicksilver Mercury) are wrapping up their annual hustle through practical Taurus and your sixth house of work routines, health and self-care. If you’ve left one or two projects undone or have to put final touches on a mission to stamp it “Accomplished,” pour your energy into that now. It’ll feel great to start the week on such a high note, knowing you’ve got a clean (and tidy) slate to begin a few fresh things. And those “things” might have a decidedly amorous vibe since el Sol and Mercury simultaneously blast into Gemini and your seventh house of relationships on Tuesday, May 21. Your indie-spirited sign loves flying solo, but with this zone lit up until June 21 (when the Sun leaves; Mercury only sticks around for two short-but-sweet weeks), no one will need to remind you of the importance—and exhilaration—of twosomes. But these prime partnerships can’t flourish if you don’t give them TLC. If you’ve been a bit negligent of some important people in your life, you can rekindle those connections over the next month. Rearrange your schedule so you can give favorite people more quality time. Obviously, a good place to start is with your partner or current love interest (or crush du jour). Don’t assume anything about what they want and need from you, Sag. Sit down and talk about what you both think is the right amount of together (vs. alone) time. And while you’re talking…with communication planet Mercury here, you can actually broach any tricky topics that you’ve been avoiding. Intimate relationships are like mirrors, reflecting back to us traits that we like in ourselves as well as ones we’re not exactly proud of. So when you’re listening, keep an open mind and don’t get defensive. Single? Meeting people by doing the things you enjoy most is encouraged since, beyond the physical attraction, you’re likely to have some important things in common.